Precilla's Mynthe

Precilla’s Mynthe

Born: June 18th 2010
Black with green eyes

HCM: Normal
HCM 2013: Normal
HCM 2012: Normal
HCM 2011: Normal (Not available in scan)

Breeder: DK*Precilla’s

1st litter (Born at DK*Precilla’s): 4 kittens (October 2011)
2nd litter (Born at DK*Precilla’s): 1 kitten (April 2012)


Mynthe is our first girl, and I will be forever thankful to Kim for her.

She moved in with us in the summer of 2012, when she was 2 years old. She’s had 2 litters, while living with her breeder, Kim.

She’s the most loving and caring little girl. loves to cuddle up on my lap every chance she gets. She has a big temper too, which our boys feels most days 😉 She’s very close attached to Nintendo, our neutered boy, and we can often find them lying very close, while she grooms him and sings for him.

She’s very elegant and have an exellent balance. You’ll often see her stand on two legs if you offer her a treat a bit over her head. She answers when you talk to her, and generally talks a lot, and wants to be everywhere we go. Even to the bathroom.

She sleeps in my bed at night and I fall asleep listening to her loud purrs.
The queen of the castle <3