Up Wards Sky of The Esmerald Dragon

Sky was among the first two sphynxes that joined our household. He is the grandfather of Nintendo, who moved in at the same time. Sky was born in 2003 and moved in with us in 2010.

As gentle as he can be, he is still the king of this castle. He is fierce, beautiful and very much male. Not sure he knows he was neutralized many years ago.

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Devils Haircut Nintendo


Nintendo is an F3 sphynx, and a hairy one of the kind. But that doesn’t matter one bit, because he’s not sure whether to be a monkey, a dog, a child or a cat. He’s deaf, and rather clumsy too. He’s also the ones who wins over most people right away if they haven’t met a sphynx before. I guess the hair and the cute tilt of the head works out for him. He’s definitely daddy’s boy. Follows him around everywhere and sleeps in his arms at night (occasionally sneaking off to sleep in mom’s arms, when daddy is asleep).

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DK*B'Billing's Dean Winchester

Dean was the third sphynx to move in with us. He has charmed everyone ever since with his signature meowing and elegant movements. He’s rather timid, compared to the others, but the kindest and sweetest boy you could ever think of. And he is the gazelle amongst elephants. Jumps high, and loves to sit on shoulders.

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DK*Precilla's Mynthe


Mynthe was the last to move in. She came to live with us when she was 2 years old, and we picked her up on our wedding anniversary day in 2012. She is fertile and has the temper to prove it. She’s mommy’s girl to the bone! She’s also in  a constant fight for world domination with Sky, unless she’s in heat. Then she follows him like he was the northern star in her universe. She has a long list of rules about how to touch her, and if you don’t abide, the punishment might fall immediately. On mommy’s lap most of the day and in her arms at night too. Our most precious little girl <3

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Our cats

See our 4 sphynx cats. After all, this site is all about them.


Blog might be too big a word. It’s mostly pictures. And it’s a bit random posting. But it’s the closest thing to a blog you’ll get here.


If we have news, you’ll find it here. Probably no kittens. If so, you’ll see it all over the page 😉

Getting a sphynx is like opening a bag of chips.
You can never just have one.

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Get the long or short version behind how we ended up with a house of sphynx cats.


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Sphynx Cats

years as slaves


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Thinking about getting a sphynx yourself?

We completely understand. They’re loyal, loving, kind and stunningly beautiful.
But please also know, that they need your attention. It’ll be hard work to just have one – it’ll be like a baby, in constant need of your affection and care. They seem to have sensible stomachs, some more than others, though. Their sweat can rub of on your furniture and clothes. So don’t see it as a “designer cat”, unless you want to bath them all them time. They can be loud. And demanding.



A sphynx cat will need your attention. You’ll have to have time to play, cuddle, caress and talk to it. They’ll follow you around, and want to be everywhere that you are. Even in the kitchen. Or on the toilet. You’ll get the most loving creature, but that love needs to be nurtured daily.

Rubbing off on you

It’s very different from cat to cat. Some sweat a lot, some only a little. But the sweat will come of as brownish dirt on your white shirt and new designer couch. Sometimes it’s hard to wash off. That’s just the way it is. It’s no big deal to us, but you still need to know, if you’re considering buying your own. Can you tolerate that? Some have running eyes too, which can mean that your floors will have dark tears on them. And your windows will probably never be clean, because they’ll paw and nose windows every day. Curiosity never kills an inside cat, but the windows get dirty.


Remember to check for HCM. It’s a heart disease that runs in the lines of many sphynx cats. You can’t be guaranteed that you’ll get a kitten who’ll never get HCM, but you can minimize by checking the lines. Talk to veteran breeders, who knows a lot about this stuff. Your breeder should have their cats scanned to be sure they’re not HCM positive (and most breeders will do this by default, but if they’re not talking about it themselves, you should ask!).

Your life will never be the same

The joy and laughter a sphynx cat will bring in to your life will change your life. They will follow you everywhere, sleep in your bed, watch tv with you, go to the toilet with you, cook dinner with you, sit on your desk while you work or sleep in your lap.



You don’t get a cat that’ll love your more than a sphynx.



A sphynx is super intelligent. They’ll figure out to open doors and nick your dinner from the table



Your house will hold a new kind of crazy with these beauties living in it. You’ll get free laughs every day.